He was born in 1937 in Bourgas, Bulgaria. He has graduated in illustration from the studio of professor Vesselin Staikov at the National Art Academy, Sofia, in 1965. While at university, he became a student of Boris Anguelushev, with whom he produced artistic works. He has worked in the area of graphics, calligraphy, and typography, as well as having produced many book designs and television programs throughout his life. Between 2001-14, he produced fine art prints and serigraphy at Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts (IMOGA). In recent years he has been concentrating mainly on calligraphy and serigraphy and has exhibited his work in Bulgaria and other European countries. Dimitar Trendafilov is professor of calligraphy and calligraphic fonts, and he has taught for more than 40 years at the National Art Academy. Trendafilov has passed away in 2016.