He was born in 1951 in Istanbul. Between 1969-1973, he studied painting and sculpture at the Prof. Mac Zimmermann studio, at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. After completing his master's degree with outstanding artistic achievement in 1975, he was appointed as the assistant of Prof. Mac Zimmermann at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Between 1978-1982, he was appointed Head of the Fine Arts and Creativity Department at Mönchengladbach VHS and became an associate professor the same year. Between 1982-1988, he founded and directed the Herrsching Art Gallery in Munich. After returning to Turkey, he gave performance lessons at Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts between 1990-1991. He took part as a founding member of the Istanbul Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty in 1996 and worked as a lecturer at the same faculty.

In 2006, he gave performance lessons to graduate students at Montana University, in the U.S., and in the same year he organized a one-year U.S. exhibition tour entitled "Ender Güzey, Born from Fire". In 2007, he produced original printmaking at the Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts. In the same year, he established his personal museum named, "Ender Güzey Holistic Art Museum" in Bodrum. Between 2009-2010, he worked as a lecturer at Mugla University Bodrum Fine Arts Faculty. Güzey has opened more than a hundred solo exhibitions in Turkey and abroad since 1972. Ender Güzey attends the Contemporary Art Fair in Istanbul and Ankara every year. Güzey continues his studies independently in his studios in Istanbul and Bodrum.

Selected Exhibitions:

2012 40th Anniversary with Art Exhibitions:

Istanbul "Return to the Nativity" Galip Dede Mawlavi House (the house where Güzey was born)

Rome "Born of Fire" Palazzo della Cancelleria (Vatican Museum) Parallel exhibition with Leonardo da Vinci

Cappadocia “Iron Age 2012” Alfina Cave Private Archeology Museum

2015-2016 ARThill Ender Güzey Museum Bodrum, Establishment and opening with a retrospective exhibition.

2018 First Ender Güzey "Goddesses Parade Festival" ARThill

2019 Second Ender Güzey "Goddesses Parade Festival" ARThill