Ergin İnan was born in 1943 in Malatya. His primary and secondary education years passed in Malatya. He started his education in Istanbul Law Faculty in 1963.Then, in 1964, he started his painting education at the Istanbul State Academy of Applied Fine Arts. He became a student of Karl Schlaminger and Helmut Hungerberg respectively. In 1968, he passed the assistant exam of the painting department and became Helmut Hungerberg's assistant. The artist was awarded a scholarship at the Salzburg Summer Academy in 1969. He worked on painting with Prof. Emilio Vedova. Between 1971-1973, by winning the Daad German Academic Exchange Scholarship, he worked on painting and original printmaking with Prof. Rudi Tröger and Prof. Mac Zimmermann at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Ergin İnan made examinationa in museums in Paris, Venice, Verona, Montova and Florence in 1972 and 1973. The artist, who was appointed as a lecturer in the Painting Department at the School of Applied Fine Arts in 1975, conducted researches in fine arts academies and museums in Munich and Berlin with Daad scholarship between 1978 and 1979. He continued these researches and studies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag (Hague) and London in 1981. After being appointed as a lecturer at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department in 1982, the artist continued his studies in Berlin, where he was invited by winning the Daad Berlin Artists Scholarship in 1983-87. Ergin İnan was appointed as a professor in 1985 to Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, where he was a faculty member. In addition, in 1985 and 1986, he was invited as visiting professor to the Berlin Fine Arts High School Painting Department and gave drawing lessons. He worked on printmaking at at The Çamlıca House of Art in Çamlıca in 1987 and within the Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts in 2005 and in 2013.

As one of the contemporary Turkish artists selected within the scope of the "Republic of Turkey Presidential Palace New Building, Interior Spaces, Artistic Evaluation Project" in 1990, the artist, who made his work "Yazıt" on the wall of the reception hall, has many solo and group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. He is an artist who has worked in various studios in Munich and Berlin, lived and performed art in Turkey for many years, and combined his knowledge of Ottoman culture and zoology in wonderful works. His works are in permanent collections of museums; Ankara and Istanbul State Fine Arts Museums and Dahlem Museum-Berlin, Haus der Kunst-Munich, Kunstverein-Frechen, Modern Art Museum-Cleveland, Bradford Museum, British Museum-London, Cul des Sarts Museum, Fredrikstad Modern Art Museum-Belgium.