He was born in 1944 in Antalya. He graduated from Ankara Gazi Education Institute Painting Department. He went to Germany after winning the state abroad specialization exam scholarship. He studied at the Berlin State Academy of Fine Arts -HdK, Berlin (today's Berlin Fine Arts University) for his undergraduate and specialist education. He received his master's degree, proficiency in art and doctorate degrees from Izmir Ege University and Izmir Dokuz Eylul University. He became assistant professor in 1986, associate professor in 1987, and professor in 1994. He worked as a faculty member at Ankara Gazi Education Institute (today's Gazi University), Ege University, Dokuz Eylul University, Bilkent University and Anadolu University. He founded Painting and Fine Arts Departments at Ege, Dokuz Eylül and Bilkent Universities. In these universities he served as a head of department, faculty board member, member of university senate, and as a member of the university board of directors.

Between 1996-2001 he served as the cultural consultant of T.R. Bonn and Berlin Embassy and in 2001 as the ministry advisor of T.R. Ministry of Culture. Between 2001 and 2005, he worked as a lecturer at Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts. He established the science of art for the first time in Turkey and opened the Art Theory and Criticism Master's Programs at Anadolu University (2003) and Işık University (2008). He was the head of the Visual Arts Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Işık University and the head of the Art Science Department of the Social Sciences Institute.

His works have been exhibited in many national and international exhibitions, biennials, triennials, art fairs and museum exhibitions. He was deemed worthy of awards in many national and international competitions, one of which was the international gold medal 1st prize. He was honored with the title of State Artist by the Presidency for his achievements and contributions to Turkish Art. He was selected as an artist for T.R. Presidential Mansion New Building, “Artistic Evaluation of Interiors Project and he made the "Anatolian Civilizations-Intercultural" work on the library wall. His works are in museums and collections at home and abroad. He has two published books on Turkish Art of the Mediterranean and artists. He has catalog articles, numerous scientific publications, research, statements and articles.

Halil Akdeniz was also a member of the International UNESCO-AIAP Plastic Arts Association and he was the Head of the Ankara Representation of the Turkish National Committee for a while. He was a member of UNESCO-AICA International Association of Art Critics and also a founding member of AICA's Turkish National Committee. He was given an "Honor/Glory" membership by the German Münster Academy of Arts Senate. The works of the artist have been accepted to our museum by donation. Halil Akdeniz passed away in 2024.