Mustafa Altıntaş was born in Akşehir/Turkey on 15 June 1946. He began his art education at Gazi Education Institute teacher training college in Ankara and his works were displayed at a number of exhibitions. In 1970 he won a French scholarship to study in Paris and entered a studio at the Cite Internationale Des Arts. He enrolled at the “E.N.S.B.A” Academy of Fine Arts in Paris and studied painting and monumental painting at the studios of Gustave Singier and Jean Bertholle.

Between 1977 and 1980 he studied for his master`s degree at the Faculty of Cinematic Arts at Sorbonne University and became student of such as famous names as the cinema aestheticist and historian Jean Mitry, Eric Rohmer and Jean Rouch. Some of his many documentary and experimental films were shown at international festivals. His highly disciplined plastic art works have been displayed at international biennials and festivals and at many one man and mixed exhibitions in France and other European countries since 1970. Altıntaş`s paintings are in private and public collections in France, The United States, Switzerland, Finland and Turkey. Altıntaş worked on printmaking at IMOGA in 2015. Artist shared his times between Paris, İstanbul and Bodrum working at his studios in these cities. Mustafa Altıntaş worked for one monumental sculpture project including at "Internatıonale Sculptures Parc" in Pietrasanta (Italy) . Altıntaş passed away in 2024.