She was born in 1952 in Ankara.She graduated from FMV Işık High School in 1969. She studied in Cours Annuels, Besançon, France in 1972-73. She studied at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris, between 1973-75 (she studied with Mlle. Poncelet) Between 1993-95, she studied at Istasyon Art House, Department of Interior Architecture.She received Basic Art Education from Ömer Düzenli, Tarık Babayiğit and Selçuk Fergökçe. She continued her painting studies with Yusuf Taktak in 2000-2001. In 2003-2004 she organized seminars on "Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods; Art History, Archeology and Mythology" with Asst. Prof. Mehmet İhsan Tunay. She has been continuing to work with, her teacher, Prof. Süleyman Saim Tekcan for many years. The artist is a member of UPSD Association. Her works can be seen in FMV Işık University, Istanbul Kültür University, IMOGA (Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts) and other private collections in Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, Antakya, Paris, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Geneve, Lausanne, Münich and Milano.