Professor Nevide Gökaydın, born in Thessaloniki in 1923, is a Turkish painter and graphic designer. After graduating from Çapa Girls Teacher's School, Gökaydın attended the Fine Arts Academy for a short time and graduated from Gazi Education Institute. She worked in the branches of lithography, etching and ceramics in England, and opened several graphic exhibitions. Gökaydın, who initially produced works on folklore and village life, later turned to abstract painting. In addition to her illustrations, she has harmonious compositions with black and white spots.

Nevide Gökaydın started to participate in State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions in 1958. Her works were exhibited in joint exhibitions at country and abroad, as well as in state museums and galleries. Gökaydın worked as a graphic arts teacher in the painting departments of Gazi Education Institute. She passed away in 2017. The works of the artist have been accepted to our museum by donation.