He was born in 1926 in Manisa. He completed his primary and secondary education in Turgutlu. From 1949, when he graduated from Gazi Education Institute, Department of Painting where he passed the talent exam, to 1962; he worked as an art teacher in the high schools and teachers' schools of the period. He worked in the field of graphics at Indiana University in the United States of America, where  he went with a scholarship he won in 1962. When he returned home, he was appointed to Gazi Education Institute, the school he graduated from. The artist, who trained students in the field of graphic and etching in collaboration with the experts (like himself) Mürşide İçmeli and Muammer Bakır, retired in 1976. Fundamentally, as an artist rendering geographical regions, starting painting with graphics and trying to emphasize reality; of Ankara shantytowns with original printing until 1970, plastic elements such as patterns, lines and stains at the fore; Nevzat Akoral, who contributed works in the field of graphics, started to reflect the daily life and local characteristics of the people of the Central Anatolia Region with oil paintings with solid compositions after the seventies. Akoral, who received achievement awards at the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition for three years, was deemed worthy of Atatürk's 100th Birthday Exhibition Award in 1981. He worked on printmaking at IMOGA in 2015. The artist, whose works are in the collections of the State Painting and Sculpture Museum as well as private and official collections, died in 2016.