Nevzat Sayın was born in Hatay in 1954. In 1978, he graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture. He was occupied with postgraduate study on social housing until 1980, Post-academic architectural education within the master-apprentice tradition until 1984, and visits to augment knowledge / refine etiquette through 1986. In 1986, he founded "Nevzat Sayın Architecture Services" which has a participatory management and management approach in order to provide architectural services in different scales and subjects.

Throughout his architectural career, he participated in various exhibitions both at home and abroad and received awards. In 2004, Düşler Düşünceler İşler, in 2015 Bir Yapı Kitabı, and in 2019, Düşünceler İşler, a compilation of his last fifteen years of production, was published. In addition to his architectural studies under the roof of NSAS, (Nevzat Sayın Architecture Services) he is a founding member of Istanbul Bilgi University Architecture Master's Program as an extension of his educational studies in different architecture schools in Turkey. Summer schools, seminars, juries, workshops for architecture students also continue to be important components of his relationship with architectural education. Among these, Yahşibey Architecture Studies (fifteen-day summer school), which started in 2000 and has been continuing under the Emre Senan Design Foundation since 2006, draws attention as an alternative architectural education. An important part of his work consists of articles, interviews, exhibitions and publications on architecture and art. Sayın, who worked on printmaking at IMOGA in 2017, prepares and presents the architectural program called MIM, which is broadcast on TRT2.