Artist and founder of Baskihane Studio, Nuran Unsal was born in Istanbul in 1944, and went to Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts where she graduated from Ceramics in 1969-'70. After working for years with her partner in graphic design and the advertising sector, she went back to painting in artist Kasim Kocak's studio in 1992. This was followed up by her taking on fine art printmaking in printmaking artist Gungor Iblikci's studio by starting as his assistant in 2002. She worked on printmaking at IMOGA in 2006, 2008 and 2009. She further improved her technique in IMOGA (Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts), the one and only art initiative in fine art printmaking based in Istanbul, and a unique art space and museum for fine art prints founded by artist, educator and an academician Prof. Dr. Suleyman Saim Tekcan. She soon had the honour of having her work displayed in the Museum's permanent collection. In the past, she opened  her studio, now used for printmaking, for drawing and painting courses taught by artist Aysu Kocak. In 2013 and 2014 she opened and ran an art gallery where she curated and displayed the artworks of artists amongst whom are Gungor Iblikci and Belkis Taskeser. Being someone who regards herself as an instructor before anything else, Unsal continues teaching various fine art printmaking techniques to all age groups and to people of different professions, whilst also organising befitting workshops for artists and art students in her own studio (converted from a painting studio in 2011).


Selected Exhibitions

2006 Akatlar Cultural Centre, Istanbul (Group Exhibition) 

2007 IMOGA, Istanbul (Group Exhibition) 

2007 Maya Art Gallery, Mersin

2008 IMOGA, Istanbul 

2008 IMOGA and FMV Isik University Maslak Campus, Istanbul (International Biennale)

and about 30 group exhibitions, those above included. 

IMOGA In My Thoughts

"Working in IMOGA was an important turning point in my career. The means that master Suleyman provided us there, the beautiful atmosphere of the museum and working with fellow artists surely fed into my creative process. I am thankful to him for providing us with such a creative environment." Nuran Ünsal