Sabri Berkel was born in 1907 in Skopje. After completing his primary and secondary education in Skopje, he received a diploma from the Preparatory Department of the Belgrade School of Fine Arts in 1927-1928. Later, he studied fresco and etching for two years at the Felice Carena studio of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. He came to Turkey in 1935 and opened his first personal exhibition in the Academy halls. He worked as an art teacher for two years in Ankara. In 1939, he worked as an assistant at the etching studio in the painting department of the Academy. He worked as a gallery teacher in the Decorative Arts Department between 1949-1974, and as the head of the Painting Department between 1965-1969. In 1961, he won the first prize with his painting "Composition No. I" at the 22nd State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition. In 1991,he was awarded the "State Artist" title by the Ministry of Culture. Berkel died in Istanbul in 1993. The works of Berkel have been accepted to our museum by donation.