He was born in Akseki (Antalya) in 1953. The year he received his master's degree from the Graphics Department of the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (1976), he started teaching at the same department as his teacher Prof. Emin Barın's assistant. He completed his doctorate study on "Latin Writing" in 1983. In 1987 he specialized in "Lettering Design" as an Asst. Associate professor.

He started his work on Calligraphy in 1973; by practicing writings from the famous calligraphers of the last century; rik'a and tâlîk writings from Kemal Batanay, thuluth and naskh writings Hâmit Aytaç. Until the death of both calligraphers, he continued his education in calligraphy from them. Later he practiced dîvânî and celî dîvânî writings from calligrapher Prof. Ali Alparslan. Meanwhile, by meeting with his teacher Prof. Emin Barın and calligraphy expert Prof. Uğur Derman frequently, he increased his knowledge and experience about Calligraphy. In 1986, he won first place and two honorable mentions in the International Hâmit Aytaç Calligraphy Competition organized by the Islamic History, Art and Culture Research Center (IRCICA). In addition, he has about thirty different awards in the field of calligraphy and graphics in Turkey and abroad, and his works in various forms like plate, hilye, tuğra, câmi inscription, ferman, etc. are in various collections in Turkey and other countries. In addition to his art works, Çevik, who also works as a university lecturer, also has works in the fields of Latin Writing and calligraphy. Along with his commercial studies on this subject, calligraphic works such as certificates, gifts, diplomas and documents given to many local and foreign heads of state and administrators also have an important place.

Savaş Çevik, who developed unique modern practices along with classical calligraphy studies, also took part in subjects as theoretical information, publications, calligraphy courses, jury memberships, writing and signature expertation. Savaş Çevik, who voluntarily retired from Mimar Sinan University in 2002, has been working as a lecturer in the Graphic Department (where he founded) of Haliç University since 2004, and has been continuing his calligraphy studies in his studio in Istanbul. He worked on printmaking at IMOGA in 2004.

He managed the Calligraphy courses at Zeytinburnu Culture and Art Center and as of 2010, he also managed the "Basic Art Education" courses in the courses organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (ISMEK), for 10 years and he served as the Head of the Line Branch. Since 2015, he gave "Calligraphy" courses in Zeytinburnu Culture Center, and since 2016 he gave 'Basic Art Education' courses in Sakarya Municipality Cultural Center, for 3 years since 2017, he also gave "Basic Art Education" courses in IKSV (Istanbul Classical Arts Center). In the field of calligraphy, Çevik is known for his original and free works as well as works of classical tradition; he is also known for his tuğra works, and is known for his works about makılî writing, and among less written writings, Muhakkak-Reyhânî writings.

He is known as the calligrapher who wrote Muhakkak-Reyhânî Hilye for the first time in the history of calligraphy. He brought his unique “Cross Musennâ”, “Quartet Musennâ” “Müselsel Makılî” and “Circular Mâkılî” composition forms, which had never been used before, to the art of calligraphy. He also uses a creative Arabic writing font called Müselsel by developing it. In addition to classical applications, with original and free designs, he produces interesting works that have a unique line-graphic quality by using color and graphic values. Çevik held 23 solo calligraphy exhibitions in various countries, and also participated in 115 group exhibitions.

His works in his art life are briefly summarized below;

* 18 awards on Graphics, Emblem, Logo and Line,

* 23 solo exhibitions in countries such as Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Germany,

* 109 group exhibitions both in Turkey and other countries,

* 28 articles on general art, advertising, graphics, traditional arts, art education, calligraphy and line.

* 9 newspaper articles on calligraphy and various art subjects,

* 19 papers in various national and international symposiums,

* 71 conferences, seminars and panels at home and abroad,

* 35 important calligraphy works for various individuals, organizations, museums, mosques and collectors both in Turkey and abroad,

* 17 interviews in various newspapers and magazines,

* 19 radio programs in Turkey and abroad,

* 15 television programs,

* 45 art and competition jury, proficiency in art and master's (master) thesis management and jury,

* Calligraphy course management in 14 different organizations,

* Research trips in 6 different countries,

* Has been featured in 15 local and foreign magazines and books.

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