Born in Mengen, Bolu in 1954. In 1971, she completed the Bolu Elementary Teachers School. She completed İstanbul Aatatürk Teaching Institute in 1974. In 1992, she completed her graduate degree at the Training Faculty of G.Ü.M. She settled in Datça in 2002. She worked on printmaking at IMOGA in 2006. Continues to work in her studio in Datça presently.

Selected Exhibitions

Personal Exhibitions

1983 Sabanci Cultural Center, Adana

1984 National Fine Arts Gallery, Mersin

1987 National Fine Arts Gallery, Konya

1992 Armoni Art Gallery, Ankara

1992 Aurec-St. Etienne Chateau Des Moines Sacristains, France

1993 Kibele Art Gallery, Izmir

1996 Armoni Art Gallery, Istanbul

1997 Armoni Art Gallery, Ankara

1999 Tourlaville Cherbourg, France

1999 Armoni Art Gallery, Ankara

2002 Altamira Art Gallery, Mersin

2004 Armoni Art Gallery, Ankara

2005 Orkun-Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

2005 Yaşar Educational and Cultural Foundation Art Gallery, Izmir

2006 Armoni Art Gallery, Ankara

2008 Bilkent Art Gallery, Ankara

2009 IMOGA, Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts, Istanbul

2012 Çankaya Modern Art Cultural Center, Ankara

2012 Ortaköy Afife Jale Cultural Center, Istanbul


Group Exhibitions

1989 DYO Competitive Group Painting Exhibition Ankara

1991 National Printmaking Competitive Exhibition, Ankara

1997 Turkish Printmaking Artists Exhibition, Bonn/ Germany

1998 75th Year Plastic Arts Exhibition, Istanbul/Ankara/ Izmir

1999 "I Want My Museum Group Art Exhibition, Istanbul

2000 "Dünden Bugüne/From Yesterday to Today Printmaking Exhibition, Istanbul

2001 PSD Group Art Exhibition, Istanbul/Ankara

2012 Anadolu University "Türkiye'de Baskıresime Bakmak/Looking at Printmaking in Turkey" Group Art Exhibition, Eskişehir/Istanbul


1990 DYO Art Competition (Honorable Mention)

1990 National Original Printmaking Competition (Honorable Mention)

1991 National Original Printmaking Competition (Honorable Mention)

1993 State Original Printmaking Competition (Second Place)

1996 State Original Printmaking Competition (Achievment Award)

1997 İş Bankası Original Printmaking Competition (Grand Prize)


Facebook: Sema Boyanci Unsalan

Instagram: sema_unsalan

E-Mail: [email protected]