She was born at İstanbul in 1957. She graduated from "Kadıköy Kız lisesi", after high school, she completed her undergraduate education in Istanbul State School of Applied Fine Arts, Graphics Department. In 1981, she passed the exam held at the same institution, and started working as the assistant of Mustafa Aslıer. In 1983 and 1987, she studied etching at the Salzburg International Summer Academy on the Art Scholarship of the Austrian Government. In 1986, she received her proficiency in art with her thesis "Different Methods Providing Expression Diversity in Metal Printing". She became an assistant professor in 1991.In the same year, she attended Simi Valley Career Institute in California, USA. She became an associate professor in 1992 and a professor in 1999. She worked on printmaking at IMOGA in 2009. During her academic life, in undergraduate and graduate programs; Temel taught Original Printmaking, Broadcast Graphic Design, Illustration and Graphic Forming. In addition to various administrative duties, she served as the Head of the Graphic Arts Department for six terms (18 years). Since her assistantship, she has participated in more than a hundred group exhibitions, mainly state exhibitions, and opened seventeen (two of them Rome and Sofia) personal exhibitions. Her works are still in various national and international museums and collections. The artist is still working at Marmara University and continues to work in her studio in Istanbul.

Selected Exhibitions

1990 Urart Art Gallery, Ankara

1996 Garanti Art Gallery, Istanbul

1997 Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul

1998 Gallery Eralov, Rome, Italy

1998 Selcuk Yasar Art Gallery, Izmir

1999 Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara

2003 Turkish American Cultural Association; Izmir

2006 CKM Art Gallery, Istanbul

2010 Bilkent Art Gallery, Ankara

2011 Vedart Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 CKM Art Gallery, Istanbul

2018 Bilkent Art Gallery