He was born in 1950 in Trabzon. In 1978, he received his bachelor’s degree from Prof.
Neşet Günal Studio at the Department of Painting of Istanbul State Academy of Fine
Arts (now known as Mimar Sinan University). In 1984, he moved to Sweden with his own means and settled in Vasteras, he did art researches here. He began his artistic career in 1967 with drawing caricatures. His first caricature was published in ‘Pardon’ and ‘Ustura’ magazines. Between 1968-74, he drew for the ‘Akbaba’ magazine. He opened his first solo exhibition in 1978. Şenol Yorozlu, who has held many solo exhibitions at home and abroad, has also participated in fairs and biennials. Yorozlu, who produced original printmaking works at Çamlıca Art House between 1983-98, currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Solo Exhibitions

1982 Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul

1984 Urart Art Gallery, Ankara

1985 Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul

1985 Urart Art Gallery, Ankara

1986 Konstnarföreningen, Vasteras, Sweden

1989 Konstmuseum, “On Disobedience”, Vasteras, Sweden

1992 PG Art Gallery, Istanbul

1993 Lebriz Art Gallery, Istanbul

1999 Apel Art Gallery “Gadada”, Istanbul

1999 Konstnarföre-ningen, Vasteras

2001 PG Art Gallery, “Code Name: Green”, Istanbul

2007 Contemporary Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair “VAV”

2008 Contemporary Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair “The Dark Side of the Flags”

2012-13 Gallery ODA, “Yorozlu: Zor Yolu”, Istanbul


Group Exhibitions and Awards

1974 International Cartoon Exhibition, Marostica, Italy, 3rd Prize

1974 International Cartoon Exhibition, Skobje, Yugoslavia

1974 “Konut Sömürüsü” Cartoon Exhibition, Chamber of Architects Ankara, Honorable Mention

1975 International Cartoon Exhibition, Vercelli. Italy, Gold Medal

1978 Art 78, Atatürk Cultural Center, Istanbul

1979 “New Trends Exhibition”, Fine Arts Academy, Istanbul, 1st Prize

1980 Abdi İpekçi Painting Competition, Milliyet Newspaper, Istanbul, 3rd Prize

1980 Macka Art Gallery

1982 Vakko Painting Competition, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Honorable Mention

1983 Contemporary Turkish Painting, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates

1983 Screen Printing Work in Süleyman Saim Tekcan Original Printmaking Studio

1983 Viking Original Printmaking Competition, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, 1st Achievement Award

1984 Original Turkish Print Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan

1985 Turkish Art Association, Plastic Arts Award, Ankara

1986 3rd Asian Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh

1986 1st Asia-Europe Biennial, Ankara, Turkey

1986 TR. Ministry of Culture Original Printmaking Exhibitions, Yugoslavia, Albania, Finland

1987 Modernization Process in Turkish Painting, Atatürk Culture Center, Istanbul

1987 Mimar Sinan University Etching Workshop Exhibition, Atatürk Cultural Center, Istanbul1987 Artists from Trabzon Exhibition, Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul

1987 Tem Art Gallery, Original Printmaking Exhibition. Istanbul

1987 Mimar Sinan University, 6th Istanbul Art Festival, “New Trends Exhibition”, Istanbul

1987 International Art Contributed for Uruguay, Turku, Finland, Helsinki, Spain, Rubi, Geneve, Switzerland, Moluns de Rei, France, Pamplona, ​​Boras, Sweden, Terni, Umea, Hospitalet, Florianapolis, Brazil, Londrina, Sao Pablo, Porte Alegre.

1988 Urart Art Gallery. Ankara

1988 Urart Art Gallery, Anonymous Women Exhibition, Istanbul

1989 Gallery BM, Istanbul

1989 Bari International Art Fair, Art Expo'89, Italy

1989 2nd Istanbul Biennial, Harbiye Military Museum, Contemporary Turkish Painting, Istanbul

1990 29th International Bursa Festival, Contemporary Turkish Painting 1, Istanbul

1990 Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul

1990 Urart Art Gallery, Gövdeler, Istanbul

1990 Sotheby's Contemporary Turkish Painting Auction, State Fine Arts Gallery, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

1990 Tem Art Gallery, Five Years in the Service of Art from Çelebi to Gürbüz, Atatürk Cultural Center Istanbul

1990 Gallery MD, Lithography, Etching, Serigraphy Exhibition, Istanbul

1990 Gallery MD, Drawers, Istanbul

1991 Konstmuseum, Vasteras, Sweden

2005 Antique Art Gallery, “Two Disobedients: Yavuz Tanyeli, Şenol Yorozlu”, AKM, Istanbul

2010 1st Mardin International Painting Symposium and Exhibition

2011 2nd Mardin International Painting Symposium and Exhibition

2013 Project 4L/ Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, “Yabancılaşma/ Başkalaşma”, Istanbul

2013 Trabzon Research Center Foundation (TAMEV), “Yolu Trabzon’dan Geçen Sanatçılar”, MKM, Istanbul



Konstmuseum, Vasteras – Sweden

IM0GA, Istanbul – Turkey

Proje4L Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts – Turkey


Special Collections

Güler Sabancı

Yasemin-Sedat Aloğlu

Fatih Cenikli

Ahmet Aslanbek

Eryaşar Eyüboğlu

Dario Beskinazi

Mustafa Taviloğlu