She was born in Istanbul in 1968. She graduated from Istanbul American Robert High School in 1985. She met the liberating world of creativity, design and art at the Seta Hidiş Studio, which she attended during her high school years, and went to London for higher education. She completed her Visual Communication Design education at UAL / London College of Communication. As a freelance designer, she worked on corporate identity and illustration oriented projects. Since 1991, she worked on etching with Prof. Süleyman Saim Tekcan at Artess Çamlıca Art Studio.

In 1995-96, she made corporate identity studies and editorial designs of international companies at Ariel Peeri Design Studio in New York. After returning to Istanbul, she worked as a museum artist at IMOGA between 2005-2008.In 2008, she opened a joint exhibition with Nuran Ünsal at IMOGA. Her prints of this exhibition were used in the interior designs of the Four Seasons Bosphorous Hotel. In 2009, she moved to her own studio in Kuruçeşme.She took part in group exhibitions and domestic and international private collections.

After the Creativity Workshop led by Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel, which she attended in 2012, she focused on the importance of the creation process and conducted research to ensure that creativity spread throughout the society.

In her second solo exhibition in 2013, she created a more layered visual language by combining the etching technique with digital printing. Using original printmaking as a meditative and instructive experience, the artist edits and produces in her Kuruçeşme Studio while sharing the creative process with her visitors.


Selected Exhibitions:

1998 - Gallery G - Artess Çamlıca Art House Group Exhibition

2006 - Beşiktaş Contemporary Art Gallery - IMOGA Group Exhibition

2007 - METU / Ankara- Plastic Arts Exhibition

2008 - IMOGA - Solo Exhibition

2008 - Gallery Altan / Adana - IMOGA Artists Group Exhibition

2011 - Anadolu University / Eskişehir - "Looking at Original Printmaking in Turkey"

2013 - Gallery FE - Solo Exhibition