Education Programs

Continuing Children’s Education Programs:

"School Visits"

Children’s education programs at IMOGA commenced in 2004 through the organization of seminars for small groups of students as part of “School Visits”, and was expanded in subsequent years. The programs have continued without interruption since then, under the direction of Eda Tekcan. When IMOGA is contacted for school visits, school groups are hosted by appointment and students are given a museum tour followed by a practical demonstration of how prints are produced. When they are organized in advance, two hour basic printing workshops can be conducted with the students as well. The workshops include methods that the children can implement themselves, including applying paint to a mold with a roller and instruction on transferring the image of their mold to paper.

Education Programs
Education Programs

Completed Children’s Education Programs:

“Our Cute Friends, Animals”: An Educational Project

A new project was brought to life as the result of the intersection of IMOGA with museologist Mine Küçük. An expert in her field and a former instructor of museology at Alev Schools, Küçük’s self-declared mission to provide education to children on museums resulted in successful collaboration for this educational project designed for children.

The extended project entitled, "Our Cute Friends, Animals" was carried out at IMOGA in 2005 under the direction of Eda Tekcan. Children were instructed on the production of linoleum prints within the scope of this program in which more than 100 students participated in four classes over a period of one month. The children were trained by Eda Tekcan along with her IMOGA Etching School students in print techniques, and were given a tour of the museum. The children learned to produce prints from carvings of 20x20 molds. At the conclusion of the program, an exhibition of their work was opened at IMOGA.

This project was later implemented at the Alev Schools and Işık Schools, under the coordination of Mine Küçük, and at IELEV Schools under the coordination of Aslı Şekerci, with the direction of Eda Tekcan and IMOGA Printmaking Certificate Program students. The molds were prepared in schools, and the printing phase was carried out at IMOGAs museum studio.

Education Programs

Education Project on Istanbul

In 2007, with the collaboration of Mine Küçük and the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life [ÇYDD], IMOGA and ÇYDD conducted an education project on Istanbul for children. As part of this project, children living in Istanbul’s Yeni Sahra district were given a tour of the historical and central parts of the city they had never seen before. After this tour, which included Beyoğlu, the Bosphorus Bridge, Maiden's Tower and Galata Tower, a linoleum workshop on Istanbul was held with children at IMOGA. At the conclusion of the project, children learned about Istanbul and printmaking.


IMOGA Etching School

The first steps of IMOGA Etching School were taken in 2000. Instruction commenced under the leadership of Süleyman Saim Tekcan and his daughter Eda Tekcan, who completed her academic education in the same field at the doctorate level and is also an academic in this field, for students educated in ceramics, architecture and painting, wishing to pursue instruction in printmaking, etching and linoleum techniques in groups of at least 10. The Etching School project originated from the studio tradition at the Artess Çamlıca Art House. Those with a background in fine arts who demonstrated competency to receive education in the language and culture of art were accepted for instruction at the Etching School. People from different fields such as traditional ones, those who applied miniatures to etching, architects, and industrial designers enrolled at the Etching School and received training as well. Instruction at the Etching School continued for 4 years at Artess Çamlıca Art House once a week, then at IMOGA after its opening in 2004. The Etching School developed into an even more professional and refined program at IMOGA, where nearly 20 selected students received education each year. Instruction at the Etching School progressed continuously until 2015 under the leadership of Eda Tekcan, on the 3rd floor of IMOGA. With the opening of IMOGA Art Space in Kuzguncuk in 2015, IMOGA Etching School also suspended its activities.