A print for an edition consists of all printed proofs taken from the same image; These are proof prints, artist prints (eprueve d’artiste) / (artist proof), studio prints, and sample proofs. Duplicate editions are excluded from an original edition depicted in this way. The print is usually identified by a numbering convention indicating a numerator and denominator, a title, the artist's signature, and date. The numerator is a number that increases from 1 to x and x is the denominator (1 / x, 2 / x, 3 / x). The denominator indicates the total number of prints pre-determined and printed with the approval of the artist before printing. It is written in fractional numbers in circulation prints, and Roman numerals in all other categories. This credential is usually written below the image, and the title, artist's signature, and the print’s completion date are written beneath it, in pencil. Some artists also imprint their seals. The description required for any type of proof should be indicated beneath the print.